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General questions

Why are small orders pro-rata more expensive?

Whatever the size of the print run itself, each job takes the same amount of time in screen preparation, setting up the printing machine and cleaning it down afterwards. These processes form the bulk of the cost of the minimum order.

Can you guarantee delivery by a certain date?

We will do all in our power to get the order to you by a certain date but we do not give an unconditional guarantee because of factors beyond our control. Goods are sent by DPD Local Courier or Royal Mail Special Delivery and they schedule delivery for the next weekday. It is very rare that they do not fulfil this obligation but very occasionally a problem occurs. It is always best to have as much notice as possible so that we are not having to send out the order at the last minute, giving time to sort out any hitches. There are also options of upgrading deliveries to a timed AM service or a weekend delivery.

More on this on our Terms and Conditions page.


Do you offer account facilities?

No! we prefer to keep our costs low so that we can offer good prices to our customers, this enables us to have a good cash flow and secure better prices from our suppliers by paying upfront for goods.

We also avoid credit control costs by having payment with order.

We are happy to accept payment by credit card which enables you to manage your own cashflow, unlike some other companies we do not charge extra for taking cards.

You will see various ways we can accept payment at the checkout.


Can I do Donald Duck impressions with helium?

At the risk of being a killjoy, the answer to this question is without a doubt, NO!

Although you may think this is a harmless and funny thing to do, it's really not. Helium is an inert, asphyxiant gas which can cause suffocation if breathed.


What are the pros and cons of using balloons sticks?


The balloons dont need to be knotted. Knotting balloons takes time and some people find it difficult.

You don't use helium, you inflate with air, so you dont have the bother and expense of hiring cylinders.

The balloon lasts for days, even weeks, because it is air filled.

The balloon will not float away if people let go of the stick.


The balloon will not float.

Takes a bit longer than if helium inflating, using a valve.


What are the pros and cons of using balloon valves?


The balloons dont need to be knotted. Knotting balloons takes time and some people find it difficult.

The ribbon is already attached.

Fitting valves yourselves is quite easy, you can either prefit them or fit them as you are about to inflate.

You can easily top-up the balloons with helium.

Its quick and easy for inexperienced people to blow up the balloons.

Note: that all our valves only come with white ribbons.


Balloons have to be filled with costly helium, they don't stay inflated for long

Cost more than balloon sticks.

The weight of the valve means shorter float time.

The valve can be damaged by the pressure of inflation, faulty valves can be as much as 5%.

Remedy if valve is faulty:

If the filled balloon starts going down and the valve is seated okay in the neck, and the balloon hasn't been holed, then suspect a faulty valve. Remove the valve, top up the balloon and hand tie, attach the ribbon from the faulty valve and discard faulty valve to the bin.


There's no helium in my Disposable canister, what should I do?

It's very unlikley to have left our premises empty, unlike some other suppliers these are filled in the UK and are tested before despatch.

The boxes that hold the canister are either wrapped in a black sack or brown paper if this is still intact then canister hasn't been tampered with, the most likley thing is, you haven't followed all the instructions on the box, after the tap has been opened you need to release the helium from the black spout you do this by tilting the spout, as soon as spout is released the helium flow will stop.


I've ordered other goods with my Disposable canister but I haven't received them?

You need to open the box your goods should be inside with the helium canister.


My design has been incorrectly printed, what can I do?

Where Balloonprint Ltd supplies goods bearing a design no claim whatsoever shall be made in respect of the contents, colouring or position of such design unless such claim is made within seven days after delivery of the first consignment delivered under any order.

No such claim can be accepted if the said contents, colouring or position of such design complies with artwork approved by the buyer or after any part of the goods comprised in any consignment delivered in pursuance of any order has been used for any purpose whatsoever.

Please see our returns and refunds policy.



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