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Belbal 11" Latex

Belbal 11" Latex
Minimum QTY:1 - Plain item, 25 - Personalised item
Available sizes:11"
Available colours:Belbal White 002 Belbal Sky Blue 003 Belbal Pink 004 Belbal Forest Green 005 Belbal Yellow 006 Belbal Orange 007 Belbal Apple Green 008 Belbal Lavender 009 Belbal Rose 010 Belbal Leaf Green 011 Belbal Mid Blue 012 Belbal Turquoise 013 Belbal Lime Green 014 Belbal Ocher 015 Belbal Vanilla 016 Belbal Cornflower Blue 017 Belbal Royal Blue 022 Belbal Crystal Purple 023 Belbal Crystal Burgundy 024 Belbal Black 025 Belbal Red 101 Belbal Night Blue 105 Belbal Bright Yellow 117 Belbal Bright Green 135 Belbal Prune 148 Belbal Cocoa Brown 149 Belbal Almond 150 Belbal Wild Pigeon 151 Belbal Royal Lilac 153 Belbal Cyan Blue 445 Belbal Grape 441 Belbal Light Green 446
As low as: £0.0780 each* plus applicable charges and taxes
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These 11" standard and crystal latex balloons have a longer neck for easy knotting, made in Europe by Belbal who have made and supplied balloons Worldwide since 1984.

Belbal latex balloons are bio-degradable and hold the Intertek tickmark for product saftey.

The balloons can be filled with Helium to float, (Float time 8 - 10 hours) or with air.
Gas capacity: 0.015 cubic mrtres.