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Balloon Valve

Balloon Valve

The valve enables easy inflation with balloon gas (helium) with no knot tying required at the neck of the balloon.
Attached to the valve is approx 150cm (59") of white ribbon.
Once the balloon is inflated the valve shuts off to prevent helium escaping.
Can be supplied loose for DIY fitting, very easy to do, or we can pre fit at extra cost.
There can be up to a 5% failure rate, mainly caused by inflating too fast.
If balloon goes down, check the seal where it fits on to the valve, if okay you may have a faulty valve, to bypass the valve, inflate balloon & tie a knot in the neck of the balloon, then re-attach to faulty valve.

Available sizes:Pack Size 25, Pack Size 100, Pack Size 1000, Fitting each
Product options:Only for 11" latex
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Available sizes

Size Charge Description
Pack Size 25 +£3.60
Pack Size 100 +£10.00
Pack Size 1000 +£72.00
Fitting each +£0.0180 Extra cost for fitting valve to balloon


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